Ojai artist Bobbi Balderman began her art training as the result of being a bored 12 year old. Her father took her to his painting class to keep her busy and out of her mother's way. The moment the teacher put a piece of charcoal in her hand her passion for art began. But it took many years for her to find her way to pastels. On the way she studied scientific illustration at UCLA until they decided to drop her major her senior year. Facing a choice of going into science or art she chose to get a degree in graphic design. She ultimately owned Balderman Creative Services, serving mid to large size corporate clients, and won over 60 national and international design awards. She also taught classes in graphic design and business for creatives at the college level. Recently retired from the business and teaching worlds Bobbi has turned her energy to painting. She is currently studying under Ojai artist, Janeen Behl.

Her love of the outdoors and color is evident in her work. It ranges from the use of subtle light to create a mood to rich and vivid representations of exquisite scenery. Although relatively new to the art world she has already won many awards.